The Future of Psychiatry is Here

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Hi there.
I’m Dr. Erin Griffiths,

and I created Beyond Psychiatry because I felt that there was something lacking in traditional psychiatric healthcare. In all my years of practice, I have seen many people who feel a bit alienated by typical mental health and psychiatric care. 

So many of my patients who come to me from other offices and practices have four main complaints: 

  • My doctor saw me for 10 minutes and I was given a prescription but I don’t know what the med is for or why I’m on it

  • My doctor doesn’t listen to me

  • I am having side effects from the meds I’m prescribed but I feel like my concerns are being brushed off or I’m uncomfortable to bring these issues up with my doctor

  • I feel like my doctor doesn’t really know me as a person, just as a patient

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I am a holistic psychiatrist

I combine a Traditional + Alternative approach to healthcare for a truly unique and personalized mental wellness experience. In other words, I don’t do the typical 10-15 minute med check appointments. 

Medications may be appropriate for some, however, at Beyond Psychiatry, meds can be combined with therapy, wellness and nutrition coaching, supplement and CBD consultation and I also offer virtual appointments so you can have the most convenient, secure, comfortable environment for the most individualized, effective and curated mental wellness plan just for you.


Who I am…

I’m not the typical psychiatrist. I’m holistic, both in the way I practice medicine and in my personal life. I’m from New Jersey. I have tattoos. I play Dungeons and Dragons. I occasionally swear (if the occasion calls for it). I use humor in my sessions (if the occasion calls for it). 

I’m a feminist, I’m staunchly anti-racist and a supporter and ally of LGBTQ+ rights and am a defender of intersectional communities. I am empathic and caring and also authentic. I have a rebellious streak. I have struggled in my life with anxiety and being highly sensitive but now view it as my superpower as it informs me in my work and my life and it also humbles me. 

I met my husband at a National Organization of Women meeting 25 years ago at Rutgers University. I am a mother. I do yoga, although not as much as I’d like. I know what it’s like to juggle home and career and health/wellness. 

Bottom line, I really get to know each and every one of my patients and collaborate with you to curate the best mental health and wellness plan for you. I truly love my job. 

I’m so thankful to come to a psychiatrist’s office that feels that more like a spa! This place is my sanctuary.
— Beyond Psychiatry client