• When you feel stuck, lost, uncertain, disempowered

  • When you know you are this close to living the life you’ve always imagined but there’s something in your way

  • When you want to work on a plan for moving forward

  • When you realize you have unhealthy patterns in your life but need help seeing what those patterns are in order to change them

  • When you need support

  • When you need someone who won’t just nod and say “tell me more” but rather will work with you to get shit done

Medication Management

  • When you need a Western-medicine trained physician with a holistic philosophy to continue whatever meds you are on if they are working well for you

  • When you want to come off your meds

  • When you want to decrease your meds

  • When you want to find alternatives to meds

  • When you want to talk frankly about side effects and what to do about them

Wellness/Nutrition Coaching

  • When you are ready to talk about other aspects of health and wellness

Alternatives and Additions to Medications 

  • When you have tried medications (or maybe you don’t want to go on meds!) and would like something else, something more, something different (recommendations for supplements, alternative therapies/treatments, CBD)

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Initial appointment (One hour): $500

Follow up Therapy + Med Management/Nutrition Counselling/Wellness Coaching (45 min): $350

Follow up Therapy + Med Management (30 min): $300

Follow up  Med Management (20 min): $250

Prescriptions requested outside of scheduled appointments: $35 and up

Payment is due at the time of service. Please note I do have a 48-hour cancellation fee. 

*I am a private practice holistic psychiatrist, so that means I am not in network with any insurances. This is so I can offer you the best curated mental wellness plan possible, without having the insurance companies insert their opinions or suggestions into your treatment. I am also out of network because I believe in your confidentiality and hold your private information with the utmost security and respect. Many of my patients have out of network benefits or PPO plans which can reimburse you for a percentage of your appointment fee. I’ll provide you with your superbill (sort of like your “receipt” for the appointment) so you can have the best chance at getting reimbursed. You can also use your HSA card. 

The company Reimbursify, can help you get your money from your insurance company. In their words: “Reimbursify works for any out-of-network office visit, with any doctor, provider, therapist or specialist, and with any insurance company.” Check them out on the web or download their app.

The level of compassion at Beyond Psychiatry and with Dr G is higher than any psychiatric clinic I have ever been to. She truly cares about every one of her patients. I feel it is the most effective treatment I have had in my life.
— Beyond Psychiatry client